A lot of his patients know Dr. Clark as their family dentist. But patients and dentists travel to Clark Dental from around the world in search of a new smile and better way to restore their tooth functionality.

In addition to providing consultations on restorative treatment options, Clark Dental Group offers a full range of services, including periodontics (gum care), orthodontics (positioning of teeth and shape of jaws), and endodontics (root care).

Family & Preventive Dentistry

The terms “family dentistry,” “general dentistry,” and “preventive dentistry” are often used interchangeably by many dentists. These services include routine exams and cleanings, as well as fluoride treatments to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

We love working with children and adults alike, and we’re known for our gentle touch and comforting approach.

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Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry

The basic difference between what dentists call “restorative dentistry” and what is known as “cosmetic dentistry” is that restorative procedures are generally medically necessary—either to repair an issue with your teeth or to prevent future issues—while cosmetic procedures are those that improve the look of your smile.

Restorative dentistry typically includes treatments like fillings, crowns, implants, and bridges—things that need to be addressed for the health of your teeth and gums.

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t about vanity! Your mental health can be enormously impacted by the quality and appearance of your smile. Chipped, uneven, discolored, or misshapen teeth, gaps between your teeth, or gaps (“black triangles”) at your gumline can all affect your confidence and self-esteem.

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Surgery & Emergency Care

We won’t sugar-coat it (that’s never healthy): dental emergencies and surgeries aren’t fun. But they can be made as painless as possible, and can conserve as much of your tooth and bone structure as possible, with the aid of some modern tools and techniques.

Common procedures include:

  • Wisdom tooth removal and other extractions
  • Treatment of toothaches, abscesses, or infections
  • Cuts on gum, lip, tongue, or cheek
  • Broken or cracked tooth

While nobody likes having to come in for these procedures, at Clark Dental we take great pride in making you feel comfortable and informed. We do our best to minimize your recovery time. And we promise to treat you—and your teeth—with the utmost care and the most advanced techniques and equipment available.



We provide several endodontic treatment options to include root canal therapy. If your tooth is severely damaged from trauma or decay, we provide a comfortable environment along with anesthetics, your procedure is pain free as possible. Root canal therapy removes the infected pulp from the center of the tooth, saving the structure from extraction.

Regular hygiene maintenance appointments is best gift you can give yourself. We encourage people of all ages to seek a great hygiene regimen and that begins with a thorough periodontal exam.

Periodontal treatment and Inflammation is a serious health issue if gums bleed on a regular basis. The science shows us that heart health is affected by the condition of the tissues surrounding your teeth. Gums that bleed, signifies that your body is in a constant state of inflammation. This results in a myriad of health compromises.

There are many options to fill a missing tooth or missing teeth. Bridges and implants top the list.

Let us see if implants might be an option for you. We work with only the best surgical specialists to obtain the best result biologically possible. We will not proceed unless we know you have an excellent chance for success. That takes teamwork and we are happy to be your treatment planner for this all-important aspect of dentistry.

Don’t trust this important procedure to anyone but experienced surgical specialists and dentists.

Dr. Clark has had excellent success in restoring single tooth replacements, multiple tooth replacements and very difficult high demand front teeth aesthetic cases.

Dentures can be an option for replacing multiple or an entire arch of teeth. We feature full, partial, and implant-supported dentures. Our doctors can help you select the best option for you.

Many people don’t realize their teeth can still be easily straightened in adulthood.

At Clark Dental, we provide limited orthodontics treatments and offer coordinated care with select orthodontics for comprehensive or complex orthodontic cases.


Drs. Clark and Agnes are available for consultations and can recommend options for treatment.

If you are experiencing tooth pain, accidental breakage, or severely worn teeth—or if your smile makes you appear years older than you feel—the Bioclear Method can be a great option. It rejuvenates your tooth (or teeth) to a more brilliant, youthful appearance.

Contact us to schedule a consultation and find out what treatment works best for you.

Questions to ask your dentist:

  • Which restoration (treatment) will allow me to keep my tooth intact the longest?
  • Will the restoration in question require unnecessary reduction of my tooth enamel?
  • How will the restoration affect my nerve health, or strength of my teeth?
  • How do the aesthetics of this treatment compare to others? Will it stain or discolor?