Rejuvenate your smile with the better-looking, longer-lasting, less-invasive approach to dental restoration

Actual patient results

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Full Bioclear rejuvenation including black triangle elimination, instant ortho correction, replaced biting edge with a smooth flowing arc. Same day results pictured.

What can Bioclear do?

Bioclear rejuvenates your smile by reshaping uneven or small teeth, repairing chips and breaks, fixing gaps, and more.

  • Fill in the triangle-shaped gaps (black triangles) created by receding gumlines
  • Fix chips or breaks without replacements or crowns, leaving as much of the underlying tooth structure as possible
  • Repair small or misshapen teeth to create an even smile
  • Cover stained or discolored teeth to create a long lasting, natural looking smile

What is Bioclear?

The Bioclear Method is an approach to cosmetic and restorative dentistry that is used in lieu of traditional fillings, bonding, or veneers. Pioneered by Dr. David Clark in 2007, Bioclear lasts longer than traditional composites, porcelain, or amalgams. It looks better too, with a more natural and consistent finish.

The procedure is minimally invasive and it allows dentists to retain more natural tooth structure and enamel than traditional methods. It is quick as well: since most procedures can be done in one appointment.

Bioclear features the use of thin, clear, anatomic tooth forms (called a matrix, or matrices) fitted around the tooth to be repaired. These forms then have warmed composite resins injected into the form which allows the composite to flow around all areas of the tooth. Once in place, the composite is then hardened (cured) with light. After that, the matrix is then removed and the structure is polished, resulting in an extremely strong, finished tooth that looks and feels natural.

Common questions about Bioclear answered.

Traditional composite fillings and bonding resins are pastes that are layered onto your tooth. In order for the layers to adhere, dentists need to grind down to make space for the final restoration. These layers leave ridges that can be felt where the restoration meets the enamel. Moreover, when the filling or bonding eventually cracks, chips, or wears away, there is little structural integrity left of the original tooth.

Bioclear however is a more conservative method—as a process, it conserves more of your tooth structure. And while the Bioclear composites are indeed stronger and longer lasting than other materials, they wear like your natural teeth. In the event of an accident, most often a damaged Bioclear restoration can be repaired or replaced.

As for porcelain veneers, these are cosmetic layers placed over an imperfection in your teeth for an aesthetic effect. They can look good and can be quite strong, but these too can become stained, and the appearance is most pronounced at the edges where the original tooth enamel is visible. And veneers don’t really fix the structure of your teeth—they’re for cosmetic purposes only.

Bioclear however strengthens your teeth without ruining them. The procedure is quick; touch ups are easy, and it is every bit as reversible as veneers.

A better question is: which option, a crown or a Bioclear restoration, will allow me to keep my tooth the longest? The answer is the Bioclear restoration. Bioclear provides the best chance to keep your natural tooth for a lifetime.

Traditional crown preparations remove about 75% of the tooth. The Bioclear Method minimizes reduction of tooth structure and decreases the potential of future root canals or snap off fractures. As we age, crowned teeth often require extraction. Bioclear offers an innovative option to avert this outcome.

A Bioclear restoration wears like your natural tooth enamel. The Bioclear Clinic provides a 5-year warranty on restorations for chipping and staining. With routine dental care, we expect Bioclear restorations to last several years beyond standard insurance replacement recommendations.

Theoretically, yes—but it’s unlikely. Unlike traditional crowns, Bioclear  leaves no gaps, so your tooth is shielded from decay. Crowns on the other hand have a glue that degrades over time, then decay can set in or the crown can fall out. Anyone who’s experienced this knows how frightening and disruptive it can be.

Bioclear is an additive procedure. There is an adjustment period for some people when their teeth regain their youthful volume. Traditional methods of dentistry reduce your natural tooth structure to make space for the crown, veneer, or filling—that’s not great, but it can make the result feel like your old tooth. A Bioclear restoration envelops the tooth. Your teeth may temporarily feel slightly thicker than before. That said, patients often remark that the teeth feel smoother and stronger with Bioclear. And they’ll look fantastic.

Bioclear restorations are quite stain-resistant. Yet like your natural enamel, it can stain—it’ll just do so in a way that looks like the rest of your teeth. Smoking or heavy consumption of black coffee (or dark juice) can permanently stain natural tooth enamel and Bioclear restorations. We recommend that you drink a cup of water and brush your teeth after consumption, or avoid these habits altogether. If you do get surface stains, they can typically be polished away during your routine dental cleaning.

Bioclear restorations are smooth and seamless, which makes them easier to keep bacteria free then crowns or veneers.

Just keep brushing your teeth and flossing regularly! And of course, visit your dentist for routine exams and cleanings. Our hygienist, Kaylee, is well trained at cleaning Bioclear restorations.

The word Bioclear refers to both a method and its related tools and materials. Dr. Clark is the inventor of both the Bioclear Matrix and the Bioclear Method.

Matrices aren’t new to dentistry, but the Bioclear Matrix is the only one designed to look like a real tooth, requiring less sanding and polishing, for a better patient experience and superior results.

The Bioclear Method can be learned by any dentist who is already skilled at restorations—there’s even a Bioclear Learning Center in Tacoma, Washington—and dentists can become certified in a range of specific applications. And it does require learning: the Bioclear Method is based as much on principles of structural engineering and state-of-the-art materials science as on traditional dental tools and techniques.

The Bioclear Method is gaining in popularity and is now being taught in several dental schools. Major changes in dentistry and medicine often take many years to reach all doctors. However, the patient-centered results speak for themselves. Bioclear is catching on around the world.


Look for Bioclear-certified seals on your dentist’s website for evidence that they are indeed qualified to perform Bioclear procedures. Dentists with Bioclear certification have studied directly from the source—the Bioclear Learning Center. These dentists get training in different areas, such as posteriors (back of the mouth), anteriors (front), and black triangles. A dentist might be trained and/or certified in one or several of these areas.

You can trust a Bioclear-certified dentist with your smile. They are masters who have put in the time and effort to learn and perfect their technique, and have been evaluated and approved by Bioclear itself.

Dr. Clark is the creator of the Bioclear Method and Products and is the primary lecturer at the Bioclear Learning Center

The Bioclear Learning Center and Bioclear Matrix Systems (the company that makes Bioclear products) are both based in Tacoma, Washington. These are the organizations that Bioclear dentists turn to for tools and training.